Comprehensive Future campaigns for fair school admission policies in England. The campaign is non party political and open to all.

We began in 2003 focused initially on changing Labour policy to commit to end selection. Three years later we relaunched as an all party organisation. Our individual supporters include school staff and governors, parents, members of both Houses of Parliament, local councillors, academics and other public figures who share a commitment to equality of opportunity within our education system. We also have support from organisations such as unions and schools.

By lobbying government, providing evidence, informing the media and supporting local campaigns on admissions we aim to bring about a comprehensive secondary school system with fair admissions criteria to all publicly funded schools, guaranteeing an equal chance to all children and an end to selection by ability and aptitude.


Demitri Coryton
Lord Kinnock
Caroline Lucas MP
Sir David Melville
Baroness Williams

2016 – 2017 steering group
Chair Melissa Benn
Vice Chair John Edmonds
Vice Chair Rebecca Hickman
Secretary Jo Bartley
Treasurer Adrian Elliott

Nuala Burgess,
David Chaytor
Camilla Child
Pip Doran
Marlene Ellis
John Fowler
Richard Harris
Nick Kennard
Elliot Kime
Margaret Majumdar
Ian Mearns MP
Fiona Millar
Cllr Michael Pavey
Peter Prior
Neal Skipper
Jo Smith
Chris Storr
Richy Thompson