Sir Alan Steer, headteacher of Seven Kings School in Redbridge and recent Chair of the Practioners’ Group on School Behaviour will speak at the Annual conference of Comprehensive Future on Saturday 11November.  Taking his title as – : ‘Comprehensive and proud’ he will say –

In the great majority of cases comprehensive schools can be proud of
their achievements over the last 30 years.  They have contributed to
Britain enjoying a better educated population and having a more
civilised and inclusive society.  I have been proud to have been the
head of a comprehensive school during this period.

Schools are at their best when they are dynamic and changing.
Comprehensives have faced challenges in the past and will always do so.
The need to continually focus on individual achievement and development
is a constant for schools, as it is for parents.  The concept of
continuous improvement may be a pressure for teachers, but it is also

Comprehensive schools will change and develop and that should be
welcomed.  In a climate where educationalists accept the citizen rights
of all children they will continue to flourish.

Speaking before the conference the Chair of Comprehensive Future, David Chaytor MP Bury North said –

The Education and Inspections Act and the Draft School Admissions Code are welcome steps to end covert selection but many children in England still face overt selection for secondary education. We want to see this brought to a swift end.


Comprehensive Future is the campaign for fair school admission policies in England. The campaign, which is non party political and open to all, aims to bring about a comprehensive secondary school system in England with fair admissions criteria to all publicly funded schools, guaranteeing an equal chance to all children and an end to selection by ability and aptitude.

The conference and AGM will be held in Room 3e, Unversity of London Union, Malet Street, London WC1 10-30 – 1pm on Saturday 11 November.