There are many myths and preconceptions about the benefits of selective education. In this series of articles, we challenge some of the regularly touted arguments in favour of 11-plus selection. Click the link to read an alternative view of each topic.

“Grammar schools are engines of social mobility, just look at the past.”

“Some children are academic and some are vocational, we need two types of school.”

“Grammar schools should be a choice for parents, and available for those who want them.”

“Grammar schools are outstanding schools, just look at their great results.”

“The 11-plus exam is based on sound scientific research and is an effective way of identifying the most intelligent children.”

“The reason low numbers of disadvantaged pupils access grammar schools today is because there are too few grammar schools.”

“Comprehensive schools dumb down education and ‘bright’ kids miss out.”

“We have specialist stage schools, music schools etc. so why not grammar schools?”

Coming soon…

“School selection with an academic test is better than ‘house price’ selection.”

“Selection happens in life, children get over it.”