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Dear ,

I am writing to encourage you to support a more inclusive education system.
Every child should receive an excellent education, none should be branded a failure before they have even left primary school.

I am writing to encourage you to actively support the phasing-out of selective education.

The evidence is crystal clear: selection at eleven does not raise educational standards. Children at the best comprehensive schools perform just as well as children at grammar schools. The 11-Plus is not a test of ability, it is a test of parents’ ability to pay for private tuition. Selection brands thousands of children a failure and condemns them to a less academic education. Selection also divides communities at a time when society desperately needs cohesion and harmony.

I believe that this system is completely wrong and should be addressed through three clear commitments:

1. No new selective schools.
2. A wide-ranging review of existing selective schools with the aim of introducing a fairer system.
3. A new admissions code to tackle illicit selection.

As my elected representative I would be very grateful if you could support these three commitments. I very much look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,