As we said in the December newsletter, one advantage of the resurgent interest in more grammars is that the evidence against selection has been brought to the fore. An excellent myth buster ‘Grammar schools and selection :no opinions – just evidence‘ from the Campaign for State Education (CASE) is an example.   Another very useful briefing by David Pavett , with links to many other contributions,  is on the Socialist Education Association website. Links include one to the NUT’s Edufacts. In the New Statesman Martin Yarnit’s piece tackles the popularity of grammars with politicians such as Nigel Farage.

And the House of Commons’s library has published relevant information too. Two House of Commons standard notes on grammar schools appeared in December. These are briefings for MPs from the House of Commons Library. The first one published on the 17th includes statistics about the number of grammar schools over time and the differences in intake. A second one published on the 22nd December outlines the current position on grammar schools. It is wide ranging, covering the recent Conservative Voice campaign for more grammars and Comprehensive Future’s aim for an end to selection on ability and aptitude. It details how grammars are now allowed to expand and refers to the latest application for an ‘annexe’ in Sevenoaks.