Comprehensive Future is hoping to raise £10,000 to support our work and put an end to the 11-plus. Grammar school systems subject thousands of young children to stressful tests, segregate pupils in a damaging way and the evidence shows that all-ability education is fairer and produces better results.

Melissa Benn, chair of Comprehensive Future said, “The recent debate about expanding grammar school education highlighted the many problems with such a divisive system. We know that very few children from disadvantaged families claim places, that surrounding schools are often troubled by an inability to recruit teachers, and that parents waste a shocking total of £25 million a year on 11-plus tuition. These problems can all be ended by phasing out the unfair 11-plus.”

“Comprehensive Future would like to see a gradual, measured, change until grammar schools became all-ability schools. No one wants grammar schools to close, and there is absolutely no reason why they can’t provide high quality education without 11-plus admissions. We hope people will donate to help us achieve our aims.”

Comprehensive Future will use the £10,000 raised by their crowdfunder to lobby politicians, inform the public about the problems with selection, and to work with schools, local authorities and communities who wish to end selective education.

The crowdfunding campaign is running until September 5th on the Just Giving website.