Our recent webinar featured four excellent education commentators, Dr Mary Bousted, Danny Dorling, John Bercow and Thelma Walker. We’ve created clips of highlights of the event which can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Dr Mary Bousted talked about the four reforms she would like to see to improve education. Here she discusses the reform of our school accountability system, and said Ofsted, ‘sits at the heart of a damaging, vicious, accountability regime.’

Thelma Walker also outlined her vision of a future school system, and a need for every child to attend an inclusive local school. She eloquently described the problems of 11-plus selection.

Danny Dorling described how Finland had created a school system where children were happy at school and achieved excellent results. He explained how our comprehensive system had been derailed with a competitive system leading to segregation between schools.

John Bercow described his journey as a Conservative MP in a selective area, believing grammar schools were a good thing, but seeing the light and realising grammar schools create a social divide, and that comprehensive education works.

If you’d like to watch the ‘Is there a comprehensive future?’ event in full, a video is online HERE.