The government funded research by a team of academies led by Professor John Coldron of Sheffield Hallam University provides yet more evidence of the need to end selection on ability and aptitude. The researchers found nearly a third of English local authorities had selective schools and that in the 20 most selective there were more appeals, fewer parents gained their first preference and there was more social segregation

Margaret Tulloch Comprehensive Future Secretary said –


The Government aims to reduce social segregation, offer parents choice and encourage high aspirations among all young people. All this points to the need to end selection and the Government is missing a trick by so far failing to do this.






  • Comprehensive Future is the campaign for fair school admission policies in England. The campaign is non party political and open to all. By lobbying Government, providing evidence, informing the media and supporting local campaigns on admissions we aim to bring about a comprehensive secondary school system in England with fair admissions criteria to all publicly funded schools, guaranteeing an equal chance to all children and an end to selection by ability and aptitude. Chair David Chaytor, Vice Chair Fiona Millar, Secretary Margaret Tulloch



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