The Labour Party has announced a wide-ranging consultation on its education policy. We believe that Labour must match its passionate opposition to new grammar schools with a commitment to phase out existing selection.

This consultation is open to everyone, not just to party members – so we encourage every Comprehensive Future supporter to make a submission so that Labour cannot ignore this crucial issue.

It is extremely easy to contribute your views to the consultation – here’s what you need to do.

A step-by-step guide to making a submission to Labour’s education consultation:

1. Visit the policy forum here:

2. Click “Register” in the top right-hand corner and complete the simple registration process.

3. Click on the “Get Involved” menu option and choose “Make A Submission.”

4. On the online form type a suitable title such as “Grammar Schools,” then select the “Early Years, Education & Skills” Commission and type a suitable category such as “Grammar Schools.”

5. Share your views in the “Content” box. You can write up to 600 words and include various attachments, but feel free to submit something as simple as. “Labour is right to oppose new grammar schools but should also commit to phase out existing selection.”

6. There is no need to tick the “I am submitting on behalf of an organisation” box as Comprehensive Future will be making a detailed submission of our own. Simply click “submit” and the process is complete.

Thank you very much indeed for your help.