The Labour Party’s National Policy Forum is accepting submissions until July 19th, and we urge supporters to get involved and propose that Labour phase out academic selection. You can create an account to submit and comment on policy as either a Labour member or a guest, and you’ll find the Early Years, Education and Skills commission HERE.

You can read Comprehensive Future’s submission below. You might want to adapt some of these points, or simply make a short submission to point out that you’d like the Labour Party to phase out selection.

Comprehensive Future believes the Labour Party should end the 11-plus and create a fully comprehensive school system

We believe that the time has come for the Labour party to ensure that every child is offered the opportunity of a place at a high-quality comprehensive school. As a result of selective education in counties such Bucks,  Kent and Lincolnshire, some 19% of all English schoolchildren are caught up in a system which decides whether they go to a grammar school or de facto secondary modern. Children of 10 years old should not be subjected to a stressful test that decides their secondary schooling. 

– Many of the most successful global education systems are comprehensive and do not subject children to public exams until 18 years of age.

– Comprehensive schools raise the attainment of all children. GCSE figures show that more children do better in a comprehensive system and that the attainment gap between disadvantaged and more advantaged pupils is narrower.

– Comprehensive schools are inclusive. All pupils’ interests and talents are allowed to flourish, and attainment in creative and technical subjects is celebrated alongside academic success.

– Attending a local comprehensive school is good for the community and the environment. Attending a local school means less time wasted on travelling, encouraging a walk to school and leaving more time for homework and other interests.

– A genuinely comprehensive education avoids academic segregation and social divisiveness. Educating children from all social backgrounds together prepares them for a diverse society and helps make our society more cohesive. 

The Labour Party should support an end to the divisive and outdated 11-plus test and promote the benefits of opening up selective schools to all children in the local community.

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