Reclaiming Education Conference – Saturday 11th November 2017
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Help Comprehensive Future end the 11-plus
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The government abandons plans to ensure grammar schools help poorer children
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Theresa May’s government has been forced to abandon its plan to create new grammar schools, though we still expect selection to be expanded through ‘annexe’ grammar schools or covert selection.

Our crowdfunding campaign is seeking to raise £10,000 to fight new plans for selection and to work to phase out existing selection. We’ll be glad of your donations, and please share news of our campaign:


Selection, and use of the 11-plus, exists in a quarter of local authority areas around the country, and we want to see this end. Children are more likely to succeed when they are taught together in high quality all-ability schools.

Please join us and support us in our campaign to create a good school system for all, not a few.

Melissa Benn
Chair of Comprehensive Future

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