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Our Campaign

Our Mission

We want a comprehensive secondary school system with fair admissions and no tests for ability or aptitude. The government has announced that it wants to expand the number of grammar schools in England. Comprehensive Future is determined to fight this measure with whatever means we can.

Who We Are

Comprehensive Future is the only group in the country dedicated to campaigning against school admission tests and selective education. We believe children are more likely to succeed when they are taught together in high quality all-ability schools.

Why we are fighting plans for new grammar schools

If the government expands selection it will subject thousands more young children to unnecessary stress and anxiety before they have even left primary school, consign many to a less well resourced education, and divide our school system in a hugely damaging way.

The current situation

Selection still exists in a quarter of English local authority areas. Many parents, teachers, and children in grammar school areas would prefer comprehensive education and no 11-plus selection test. We are campaigning for comprehensive schools throughout the UK.

Join Us

Please join us as a supporter. And, if you can, send us a donation.