Our chair, Melissa Benn, is profiled in today’s TES talking about her campaigning work for Comprehensive Future and her passion for a fully comprehensive education system.

She said, “Are we a country that wants to invest everywhere in all our children or are we a country that wants to sort them out largely on grounds of social class before they hit adolescence? I know which society I want to be in.”

She proposes a gradual phasing out selection over 5-10 years, saying, “It would take a bold political party, and a brave and forward-looking one, at this moment in the debate, to say the answer is not to expand this divisive practice, it is to phase it out. I recognise there are a lot of people wedded to the selective ideal. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but I think it could be done and I think it could be done with a national political party that made the case convincingly.”

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