Is too much choice a bad thing?

On March 7th at 12.30 pm, an online event will explore school choice policy, with Melissa Benn in conversation with Aveek Bhattacharya of the Social Market Foundation. The event will discuss research comparing different approaches to secondary school choice in England and Scotland. In Scotland, the government has limited the amount of choice, with most children going to their local school, but parents are apparently just as happy with the system as parents in England who have a wide range of options.  Is too much choice a bad thing? Tickets for this online event can be booked HERE.

New highly selective sixth forms

The policy direction in England seems to be more selection in our school system. The government is reportedly planning new ‘elite’ grammar school style sixth forms. Research shows that, just like grammar schools, highly selective sixth forms educate few disadvantaged pupils and can impact surrounding schools. Read more HERE. 

New grammar schools in Lincolnshire?
Lincolnshire councillors have voted to expand grammar school provision in North East Lincolnshire. There was opposition from Labour who pointed out that grammars are an old fashioned policy, but despite this, the plan was approved. New grammar schools are outlawed under current legislation but Kent County Council have got around this, building two ‘satellite’ schools in Sevenoaks in recent years. The second school was opened just a few weeks ago. It is possible that a similar plan could expand selective schooling to North East Lincolnshire. Read more HERE.
How MPs use evidence in debates about grammar schools
CF’s Dr Alan Bainbridge has published a paper, ‘Responding to research evidence in Parliament: A case study on selective education policy.’  This research found that politicians regularly linked the word ‘good’ with grammar schools, and there was a moral tone to this word and perhaps a suggestion that other schools were ‘bad’.  There’s a video abstract below, and you can read more HERE. 

Two Reclaiming Education Events in March

Tickets are now available for two Reclaiming Education events exploring, ‘Who Controls Our Schools.’ The first conference, ‘ The Current Mess,’ will take place at 7.30pm on 16 March. The link for registration is HERE.  The second event, ‘The Remedies,’ will take place on 30 March at 7.30pm. Registration is available HERE.

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